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Non-destructive techniques in Photoshop image manipulation – part 1

Friday, March 6th, 2009

…or adding a pinch of parametricity to your photoshop work


Imagine the following: you have worked on a Photoshop project, spending hours on end over it. You may not have slept this night, but you know that every drop of sweat was worth it – after all you have created wonders! The result is quite impressive, and of course when you show it to the customer he is totally into it, and says:

“This is great! I love it! But what if we make the image of the little girl a bit bigger?… Just a bit – it shouldn’t be an issue, right?”


“That tree you have cut out from the background… Let’s get it back and see if it is better”

Well… Let me hear you say “Arrghhh!!!” (more…)