We do it like that

The sphere is the most energy-effecient physical body - it is symmetric, homogeneous and absorbs and renders energy from its whole surface. But in nature nothing is perfect and since we are human, we make no exception - that's why we're just oval.

The OvalWay

Icon chronometer - speedOvalSpeed - Fast websites - the 5 seconds golden rule

We have measured that websites which load in more than 7 seconds can hardly keep your clients excited and often result in loss of visitors and pontetial profit. And because we don't want to take any chances, our team has adopted both front-end (which work directly in your browser) and back-end (server-side tricks) techniques which enable the development of super fast websites. We neatly cache, compress, minify and decrease the total number of elements of your content thus drastically reducing the size of the data traveling between the server and your clients' browsers without causing loss of quality or interactivity. This way we are able to deploy websites which load in less than 5 seconds*!

Icon lock - securityOvalSecurity - Security2

Successful business is a matter of trust. The Internet is full of frauds which can kill your business. Malicious crackers, spammers and phishing are a small fraction of all the threats there are on the World *Wild* Web. We take security seriously as it is one of the most crucial issues for you and for us - that is why we extensively test our systems and audit the sites we deploy. The SSL (Security Socket Layer) certificates we use are high-grade 1024 bit encrypted - you will benefit from the same level of security GMail and Facebook have!

Icon calendar - timeOvalTime - 3 days and you're ready to go!

We know your time is valuable - that is why we don't want to waste it. We can deploy your website or online store in as little as 3 days**. How come? After you send us a filled in initial questionnaire, we will present you with your first demo layout within 2 business days. When you approve it, we need no longer than 1 business day to deploy your brand new website. If you feel we are not on the right track, we can schedule a live session*** for you to talk directly with your appointed designer and/or developer and see the changes you want as you speak.

*if the hosting provider chosen is decent and the amount of data to be transfered ≤ 600Kb

**applies for standard packages without additional programming

***charged additionally

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