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CakePHP Migrations without PEAR

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Rails fans out there?

It is no secret that CakePHP was born to implement the ideas of Ruby on Rails to the world of PHP – wonderful ideas, indeed, and I think we should pay tribute to the guys at 37signals.

But what CakePHP still lacks, in my opinion, is pure and complete DB abstraction. It is true that most recent versions of Cake ( v.2 RC3 as of now ) have done a lot in that area – the framework is now strongly decoupled from MySQL, although I personally have never heard of study cases that use Oracle, for example.

To the point – in a multi-developer environment it is critical to have a versioning control system ( you know you should be using git, right? ) and a database ‘versioning’ system – that is where Rails is much more powerful than CakePHP – it has database migrations. (more…)